Rocketpool vs. Uniswap

Today I checked to see whether it was better to use Rocketpool or Uniswap to get rETH. I had to get way down in the decimals to see that Uniswap seemed slightly better. I got about 0.22% more rETH per ETH sent to Uniswap vs Rocketpool. This is a pretty minor difference, but certainly worth taking advantage of in the future.

The best way to reduce costs when converting from ETH to rETH seems to be waiting for network fees to be low. I did the transactions when the gas market was at about 32 gwei (cost of transactions). As can be seen in the chart below. That was close to the low of the last 1 day and nearly 1/4 of what it would have been to do yesterday at a different time. Another key to consider is trying to minimize taxes. Perhaps the most effective thing to do is try and convert the ETH I have with the highest cost basis to reduce realized capital gains in the conversion. The other item to consider is reducing transactions by doing larger batches when possible.

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Retirement Account #2: My Roth IRA

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