This week the strategy of the week was TopChasing which if I am going to be honest is highly suspicious to me. The total return at the time of the email was 474.8%. However, the vast majority of that growth occurred with trades that were purely hypothetical.

For more resent trades on this strategy you can see that they were copied in real brokerage accounts because you can find these little orange symbols as shown below.

Live Brokerage Account Trades

Not Live Brokerage Account Trades

If you go further back in the trade record of this strategy TopChasing you can see that the trades that occurred in the months that had the massive growth were not based on live trades. Furthermore the trades that took place to get these massive returns tended to focus on one or two stocks and involved doubling down into very concentrated positions. That may make sense as a part of your overall strategy. However, I would certainly not subscribe to this strategy and expect these returns to continue. Notice how the most profitable trade as shown below was not based on live trading and involved a great deal of doubling down which can often lead to catastrophe.

Recent Performance is Marketing

When someone promotes performance over such a short period be very cautious.

See my Brokerage Accounts

In addition to this blog you can follow my live brokerage accounts anytime. The three links below will take you to a third-party website called collective2 where I record and publish my personal trading decisions. If you have questions let me know!

Retirement Account #1:Patience is a Virtue

Retirement Account #2: My Roth IRA

Paper Trading Account #3: Leverage and Patience


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Investing is risky and can result in the loss of all your capital and even more than your original capital in some cases.

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