Synthetic UPRO and SSO

In an effort to better model how higher rates may affect leveraged ETFs and their ability to obtain low cost leverage I have been doing some backtesting for periods before and after the inception of SSO and UPRO. I have done this before, but am using a different method. Rather than assuming a roughly fixed cost for leveraged ETFs to obtain financing I am using the Federal Funds Rate plus a buffer. I imagine this would be a better simulation for environments with different borrowing costs. The method of calculation holds up very well over the periods that UPRO and SSO actually existed.

Synthetic UPRO (3X S&P 500 ETF)

Synthetic SSO (2X S&P 500 ETF)

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In addition to this blog you can follow my live brokerage accounts anytime. The three links below will take you to a third-party website called collective2 where I record and publish my personal trading decisions. If you have questions let me know!

Retirement Account #1:Patience is a Virtue

Retirement Account #2: My Roth IRA

Paper Trading Account #3: Leverage and Patience


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