Lazy Trader

This morning I set my alarm for 7:15 local time because I wanted to be up in time to watch how the market moved in reaction to the CPI report. First, I have to apologize to my wife because I hit snooze an unloving amount of times. Then I woke up and saw the market had responded positively. I could feel my emotions get a little lift. Then as time progress the market dropped and I felt like I had really missed out as TMF was down while SVIX was up. I had swapped these just the other day making it much more frustrating. I then went to my office to get some work done. I did a bit of work then went to setup a tab to stream a video game I play called Overwatch 2. I did this just because there is a little in game reward for streaming the game.

I then proceeded to also play Overwatch 2 for about 5 hours or so – on and off while working. I probably only did about 3 hours of solid work so far today and about 5 hours of Overwatch. Now the work I did wasn’t trading. It was backend paperwork, taxes, clients, etc. I mostly only trade once a day except for some paper trading accounts and some goofing around money.

Anyways, despite being down about 1% this morning. After ignoring it and stepping away, I think it was better for my stress and the day ended up about 3% – as of now. In fact as of now TMF is doing a bit better than SVIX.

It is easy to let up days make you too happy and down days make you too sad. The truth is I want to do better about not letting it affect my mood. Regardless it is nice to win a day especially after such a hard year in 2022.

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